Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Heeeeere's Allie!

So, in response to someone asking to be linked to something in my livejournal, which is privacy-locked, I have finally decided I'll spare the people over there my more politic-y rants, and begin a Real Blog.

Please bear with me while I attempt to learn enough CSS to fix the godawful default fonts Blogger thinks look good.

As the header says, the title comes from a gedankenexperiment about what would be different in a perfect world, for some definition of perfect. Probably the first thing of substance that will be going up here is the discussion that happened in my lj about it, and I'd love to get a running list going. Also, the subdomain is lame because the better variants were taken.

Yes, Allie is my first name. Please, no Catcher in the Rye jokes.


Human said...

oooooh, can I be the first comment???


Eavan Moore said...

I like your profile text. :-)

Anonymous said...


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